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Which school do you want to win our Easter Bunny Competition?  

Terms and conditions apply. We have added as many schools as we can but there is an option to add another school. Before doing this please double check your school isn't already in the list. We will follow strict covid regulations and risk assessments, as long as the school will allow it to take place. First place will receive a visit at the end of school and second place one in the morning before school. Our visit will be outside, socially distanced, weather permitting, with our team safely behind a barrier. We kindly ask no one to approach the Bunny for both our and your safety. If for any reason one of the winning schools doesn't allow us on site we will go to the next school until we have one that will allow us. Your email address’s will be used only by Perfect Personalised Parties UK Ltd and no third parties. If you don't want us to do so, please contact us. 

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