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Maisie Hopkins - Miss Europe 2017

We sponsored Maisie at the Miss Europe 2017 contest. We supported Maisie from the beginning of her journey by helping her prepare for the final. We invited her to events and also some parties to get her experience and confidence, which all contribute to the final. We then went along to the final to show our support. After a tough final with many different rounds to find the overall winner. We was so proud when Maisie was called out to be winner of Miss Europe 2017!


Maisie is the current title holder of Miss Europe 2017/18. 20 years of age and an aspiring model and actress. Maisie is very hardworking and driven, and  began to form the work ethic she has today at a young age, spending time outside school and on the weekends practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal. Maisie loves involving herself with charity work and always has a new goal set to achieve continuing to try and make dreams and ambitions a reality! 

Maisie can be found on both instragam and facebook page to keep up to date with everything she gets up to. She has been involved with lots of events and modelling/acting work and is available to appear at events.